Get To Know… Michael Zolfo

Get To Know… is a brief MixLuv Q&A session with an artist. This feature is a way to highlight our members beyond their bio with the hope of helping paint a more detailed profile of who they are both personally and musically. 


Featured Artist: Michael Zolfo

(Sept ’15)

q: Tell us a bit about yourself – where you are from, where you live now, what do you do for a living, etc.?

a: Urbana, Illinois, AKA the silicon prairie, also home to inventor of Netscape, and the first experimental sound lab. Currently in NYC, co-founded this site, and work for the world’s finest arts and auction company in product development.


What is your favorite instrument to play & how many years have you been playing it?

a: Drums are my favorite, but never have really been professionally sound at them 🙂 Electric bass is primary, classically trained on the cello, then upright bass, I have over 30 years experience playing some sort of an instrument. Admittedly, could be playing more these days. Hence why I started this site!!


q: Favorite: Artist/Record/Song?

a: Tough one – maybe Led Zeppelin? Led Zeppelin I, II or IV are all incredibly impressive. tells me that I like Spiritualized the most, that could be. Can’t narrow down to favorite song. What does that even mean, favorite?


q: Who is your biggest musical influence & why?

a: Dorothy Martirano, Kristen Johns, and Dr. James Calhoun. (and my parents) These folks were the foundation and bedrock to my classical training and rock and roll influence.  


q: If you could collaborate with any current musician who would it be and why?

a: Nicolas Godin, Jean Benoit Dunkel or J. Spaceman. Clearly, these folks are amazing, and have mastered their craft.


q: Who are you proud to have you collaborated with in the past?

a: My old band mates, they are very special people. Tristan Wraight, Erin Fein, Seth Fein, and Adam Fein.


q: What is your favorite track that you’ve recorded?

a: “She Saves” Very epic rock song, I’d place it in my all time top 100 rock songs ever. Recorded this with Keith Cleversley wildly talented mix engineer and amazing studio


q: What was the first song you learned how to play?

a: “Hot Cross Buns”?


q: Summarize your songwriting and recording process, including which gear (instruments and DAW) you use.

a: It’s always been very collaborative in nature. Doesn’t really much matter about the tools, those will always be evolving, but the source of the creative content, ie the carbon units aka – humans.


q: What is your greatest non-musical talent?

a: People seem to look up to me as a leader and advisor for a multitude of things, I suppose that’s gotta be listed as a talent?