What is MixLuv?


Inspired and conceived by musicians, engineers and industry veterans, we have taken some of the biggest real life struggles in the modern day music production process, and are developing a platform to bridge these gaps.

We set out to create a place where people anywhere could get access to a global community to write, compose and produce songs together.

There are many challenges in this process and our mission is to offer a comprehensive collaborative musical exchange and production management system, focused on the following areas:



Users post their talents, services and requests to the global community. Once signed up, members communicate through search, messaging, and audition music tracks to build their perfect mix.



Creation Management

Our design uses version control and change management techniques adopted by several innovative software communities. The audio track management and storage solution keeps stakeholders informed of all aspects in the production process. Educational components of collaboration layer into this method.



Our label offering allows users involved to secure registration, negotiated publishing splits, and appropriate licensing. Our network of independent and industry contacts aid in distribution, promotion and marketing.