Top 5 iOS Music Studio Apps

Technology has truly become a musician’s best friend. These days, you have a ton of tools at your disposal, but sometimes too many options can be paralyzing. MixLuv would like to assist in whittling down the smorgasbord of choices to a more palatable menu. If you are looking to work on your projects outside of the traditional studio, check out the list below. If you don’t see your favorite app listed, please let us know which one you prefer in the comments below. We’ll be adding a post for Android apps soon.

1)    Garage Band (Free): Apple’s own DAW. Available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch as well as on Mac OS. Use multi-touch gestures to create through built-in instruments. Create and import music from 3rd party apps or even plug your guitar or bass right into your favorite Apple device and record into Garage Band. Garage Band supports up to 32 tracks.

2)    BeatMaker 2 ($9.99 Sale): Advanced mobile workstation. BeatMaker 2 is a user-friendly composition interface.  You can build your own virtual home-studio. Create multiple instruments and connect them to a full-range of audio effects. Compose, record, arrange and transform your ideas into a completed song. Features a virtual studio, drum machines, keyboards, muti-track sequencer, wave editor and a mixer console.

3)    FL Studio Mobile ($14.99): Multi-track mobile studio. FL Studio works in tandem with the FL Studio Desktop PC version. Features include MiniSynth with 70 presets, 133 high quality instruments, step sequencer, wave editor, 99 track sequencer, midi file import/export, audiobus support and more.

4)    NanoStudio ($6.99): Recording studio for iOS, OS X and Windows. NanoStudio allows to you sample, compose and arrange your projects. Some of the features include up to 6 simultaneous instruments, ‘Eden’, a powerful 16 voice subtractive synth, ability to record samples with built-in mic, sequencer and mastering capabilities.

5)    Music Studio ($14.99): A complete mobile music production app. Music Studio combines a piano keyboard, 118 studio-quality instruments, 127-track sequencer, note editing, real time effects and more.