Out of the Gates!

MixLuv is live! A couple of months earlier than we planned, which is something you don’t see too much nowadays. All the founders have worked in large organizations where it often takes more time to plan a site than it has taken us to plan and build the whole thing. Makes us happy!

The site is in alpha phase, which means there are features and improvements being deployed on a weekly basis based on your feedback (which you can give on every logged in page on the right hand side). So be prepared to see things change pretty rapidly. Our engineering team is incredibly responsive!

We have created an overview video to give you a taste of the platform and what you can do. We’ll be following this up with detailed video walkthroughs of specific areas in the coming weeks. So head on over to MixLuv and get started by creating your profile. We already have people signed up from around the US, UK, and even Australia, join them and let us know what you think!