Rethink Music – MixLuv joins the conversation

During our Kickstarter campaign, we made the most of our time and hit the streets extremely hard attending multiple networking events, music expos and meet ups. One of the most inspiring events our CEO Ray Archie was invited to attend in late October was an event called “Rethink Music”, put on by my Alma Mater, Berklee College of Music.

This particular invitation-only event was a unique full-day round table workshop that brought thirty cross-industry executives, government officials, and academics together to kick off an extensive research project around the future of the music copyright. The workshop touched on 1) the difficulties that artists, companies, and others face when trying to use music legally, and 2) connecting together the supply and demand chains for music.


The focus of this years event happened to be areas that MixLuv is specifically looking to solve, including fundamentals around royalty rate structure, technology as a platform, distribution and licensing. Ray was able to showcase the MixLuv prototype demonstration that offers content creators a platform to connect, manage media and negotiate a more artist friendly publishing and sound recording rate structure. The response from the roundtable was overwhelmingly positive.

Those attending the event included other like-minded innovators who are revolutionizing the music space with their own offerings. To be in the room with companies that have complementary business models helped to validate that we are on to something big! I wanted to share this bit of news with all of the fans of MixLuv, as we are extremely excited to have the attention of the community that is working to better the music creation and publishing space, just as we are.

Here’s to wishing everyone a warm and healthy holiday season!