The Cornerstone

As this is our first post of 2015, here’s wishing your new year has been as positive and productive as ours has been! Since the top of the year team MixLuv has been burning the candle from both ends, focusing our efforts under the proverbial hood, and behind the scenes developing a sound foundation and philosophy to build upon. As of this week we are very happy to announce that we are breaking ground on the MixLuv platform, and development will be under way any day!

MixLuv: Make It. Mix It. Share It.

One of the core missions of MixLuv is to enable content creators from around the world to band together and collaborate with one another. Understanding this aspect is no where close to trivial, and our content team is continuing to examine our offerings such that musicians of all skill levels will feel right at home at MixLuv. We have recently created a brief survey for all musicians to fill out with the goal of continuing to learn as much as we can about how musicians collaborate with each other, and the hurdles they face on a daily basis.

If you are a fellow musician, or know someone that is a musician, songwriter or mix engineer, it would be appreciated if you could please take a few minutes and fill out this short survey. By participating in the survey, you will also have the opportunity to opt-in for our private Beta launch coming this summer 2015! If you are willing to spread the love, feel free to share the survey link with other musicians

The survey link is here

Thank You,