Video Submission Page

Want to be in a music video?!

MixLuv is a social platform for online music collaboration. We have pulled together an all-star line-up of award winning musicians (The Allman Brothers, The Wailers, Groove Collective, Omar and more) to create our first collaboration, “It’s Our Time”. We are currently shooting the music video with locations across the globe and we want you to be a part of it!

Create a short video – a few seconds long – alone, or with friends, family, or strangers having fun with music. Playing, performing, dancing, whatever. Bungee jumping with your guitar? Hell yeah. Bonus points if you can include a landmark and shoot it in a recognizable spot from your city. If not, that’s cool too. Really, anything goes. There’s only one rule, include #mixluv somewhere in your video.

Ok… there’s another rule too, please take the video in horizontal view rather than vertical. No need for fancy gear, you can use your smartphone. Just be creative, be you, and have fun!

You can upload to our YouTube channel directly via email – put your video title in the subject line

Check out what other people have been doing at the MixLuv YouTube Channel


Submission deadline is 5th October 2014

The legal bit : By taking part, you grant all rights in perpetuity for usage of your videos to Music is My First Language. If your video is used you will be credited in the video.

Dallas – Chris Robinson (from the Caterpillars) & Brittany Doherty