It’s our storyline

Back in March we decided to try and prove our theory about music collaboration. From our own experiences we know there’s a great deal of difficulty in the song creation and music production process, from finding the right people to band together, to conflicts in scheduling, artistic and creative differences, writers block, pride and ego, communication breakdowns, musicianship levels, and the list goes on.

So, we embarked on a worldwide music collaboration project, we wanted to gather talent and cultural influence from around the globe and create a song that reflects the spirit of such collaboration.

This is our story, and this is our time. The barriers for global music collaboration are being torn down with the continuous growth, distribution and reach of communications technology today, making such collaboration much more possible than ever before. Over the next few weeks, you can follow our behind the scenes production story here on our blog.

I’ll explain to you how we found musicians from around the globe to band together and create what we believe is a great tune and music video. The record features cameos from grammy award winning musicians, and features the amazing vocals from New York City’s pop songstress, Lachi.

Our maiden MixLuv collaboration process all began with a simple “singer songwriter wanted” post on Craigslist, from our CEO, Ray Archie… check back soon, there’s a lot more to come!